DMSoft DBConvert for Access and PostgreSQL v4.3.5 英文正式版(數據庫軟體)

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商品編號: CQC7333
商品名稱: DMSoft DBConvert for Access and PostgreSQL v4.3.5
商品分類: 程式開發、數據.資料庫系統
語系版本: 英文正式版
商品類型: 數據庫軟體
運行平台: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10
更新日期: 2017-01-17
光碟片數: 1片CD光碟
銷售價格: $100元

DMSoft DBConvert for Access and PostgreSQL v4.3.5 英文正式版(數據庫軟體)


DBConvert for Access and PostgreSQL conversion and synchronization
software is a quick and easy way to migrate and sync data between
Microsoft Access and PostgreSQL / Heroku Postgres/ Amazon RDS PostgreSQL
in any combinations.

MS Access queries can be migrated to PostgreSQL views automatically with
no knowledge of the differences between SQL dialects.

In order to overcome restrictions if you have no direct access to
PostgreSQL Server DBConvert software is able to save resulted data as
PostgreSQL dump file or PHP Script.

DBSync for MS Access and PostgreSQL is a dependable two-way database
synchronization software to sync your data between Access and PostgreSQL
databases including the ones located on Heroku Postgres/ Amazon RDS


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